Call for Papers - Human Clinical Articles

The Editors of STEM CELLS Translational Medicine welcome manuscripts based on human clinical trials. Authors should seek to demonstrate the uniqueness, timeliness and importance of the studies and may choose from three alternative formats:

  1. Short Clinical Perspective: An article of 500 to 1000 words which explains the rationale for an imminent/current clinical study, provides insights into the state of the field, and briefly discusses the likely benefits and obstacles to progress;
  2. Pilot Study: A brief 500-1500 word scientific report of a first-in-human clinical experience or pilot trial that may lead to further patient/regulatory studies; or
  3. Clinical Trial: A full length scientific report of a clinical study, ranging from an early phase safety study to a late stage trial aimed at providing definitive proof of efficacy prior to approval by the major national regulatory agencies.

Please join us in our mission to help foster breakthroughs in stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine, by submitting your articles today at

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